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April 14th, 2010

Please click on the link below for my Feb /23/2011 interview with Book Dads–guest-mina-javaherbin


LA Times Article

I am nominated for the picture book category of the SCIBA Awards, next to two amazing wonderful talented poeple of this trade, Eve Bunting and Marla Frazee. I’m thrilled. Please read details in the below LA Times article.

New York Times Sunday  June 20- Book Review Section – GOAL! online magazine

Two fantastic reviews. Wow thanks, I’m blushing.

June 23 2010 -KIRN 670 AM Morning Show,

with Sassan Kamali - thanks for having me !

June 11 2010-Interview with OC  Register

May 05 2010 – Here is my interview with the blog SEVEN IMPOSSIBLE THINGS BEFORE BREAKFAST Please click on the link below.

April 14 2010 – This is a recent “Guest Blog” I did for RIF (Reading Is Fundamental) please visit their website they do great work.


Allow me to introduce you to a new author – Mina Javaherbin - and her debut book to be released this month from Candlewick Press.  I was charmed by the story and how she wove a real-life situation of children at play with the larger story of how pivotal the game is for the young protagonist who wins a soccer ball for being such a good reader.  Meet guest blogger, Mina Javaherbin:“…in the face of poverty, bully rulers, and unsafe alleys, people play soccer. Through war, revolution, and hardship, people play soccer. In South Africa, East Asia, North America, the West Indies, and in all corners of the world, people play soccer. Soccer bonds. Soccer makes both young and old feel that they belong, that they matter, and that they can win.”Like soccer, reading has the ability to create that special human bond I talked about in the above author’s note from my book, GOAL! The sharing of our thoughts through language, writing, and reading is what helps us connect with people from different cultures. In the midst of wars, poverty, terror and tyrants, the need for connection is obvious. Reading is urgent.In my writing I like to appeal to the universal experiences and show how similar people truly are. On my journey to America from across the globe, I traveled through many countries. I had the privilege to meet different people, experience diverse cultures, and revel in foreign lands. Our abundant similarities astonished me more than our little differences.The more we see our similarities: how we all like to kick a ball, how we all love our children, how we all enjoy a good meal, and how we all crave peace and happiness, the more we are able to value and respect each other.The more we value and respect each other, the less we are willing to go to wars or to stay quiet in face of injustice. The more we value and respect each other, the more we will move toward a civilized society. Reading, arts, and sports are the sacred shrines of humanity; they are where we go for solace.

If you know a reluctant reader, remind them of Ajani, my main character in GOAL!, who acquired his brand new soccer ball as a prize for being the best reader in his class. Tell them to play soccer. Even if they have a deflated plastic ball that hardly rolls when they kick it, there is hope. Read! And they shall have a shiny new ball.

Thank you, Mina, for joining me here and Happy Reading to all!

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