Thank you for visiting Mina’s presentation page. Mina is available to talk at schools, libraries, conferences, etc.

Presentations can be on the following topics:
* The importance of multiculturalism and learning about other people’s lives in other parts of the world.
* The steps and phases of getting a book published and shaped from concept to complete product (Mina brings samples)
* How listening with open hearts can promote peace and understanding and lead to knowledge.
* Readings from her books and discussion about the books with question/answer time.

If there is any other specific topic you would like Mina to discuss, please ask.

Please contact my assistant, Chris Singer (chrisrsinger [at] gmail [dot] com) for all information related to booking.

Presentation Feedback From Elementary School Teachers

  • “Mina Javaherbin is a masterful storyteller who will entertain groups of all ages with her engaging presentation and vibrant personality. Be prepared to lose track of time as she shares her rich heritage and vivid imagination through her unforgettable stories.”    Vannessa Stone – Teacher
  • “Like a brisk walk in the park and a breath of fresh air, finally an exhilarating writer emerges. Mina Javaherbin is an exceptional, motivating author, who captivates her readers as she takes them on an exciting journey of discovery and delight. Without another moment’s notice, invite Mina Javaherbin to your classroom. She will ignite your students and light reading fire within their hearts! Get yourself ready for a dynamic presentation.”   Sandra Boylan – Teacher
  • “When Mina Javaherbin visited our 2nd grade classroom, she inspired the students to dream, to think, and to write. The class created their own picture books with amazing art work too. They even surprised me by asking questions which gave us opportunities for further discussions in class about creative writing,arts and more.” Janice Killian, Teacher