rumiThere is much said about this author and poet Rumi. What else is left to say?

Here, I want to make sure you know, that I know nothing about him. Like you, I have also read some books about him, and like you I have also read his poetry, and like you I am curious to know who this fantastic author was? And how is it that his work can transcend across the time and the world?

Lucky for me I get to read his work in Persian, which is the language he wrote all his poems in. To me Rumi was an author and a poet. In my humble opinion the best way to know an author is by reading his or her books.

Great artists put their heart and soul into their creations.

Aside from sensational and trendy art, which is also very entertaining and thought provoking on it’s own echelon, classic works of art are universal and stem from certain artists.

Classic works of art are not only the subject of the artist’s relevant and daily life but because of the high art, they bond us in a deeper shared humanity which reaches across boundaries and time.

Classic art is always fresh, like a Monet garden, or a Jane Austin novel. Classic art is always full of messages like a Mozart sonata.

The timeless and universal works of Rumi are just that.

Hope I have sparked a curiosity in you about one of my most favorite authors who lived in Persia and the vicinity about 800 years ago.

Please enjoy this following production. I hope you also decide to get to know him through his work and in his own words.

“The Parrot And The Merchant”

A poem by Rumi, from the Masnavi Book
Read in Persian and English By Mina Javaherbin